Prafulla Dahanukar’s passionate art world

In her canvases Prafulla Dahanukar builds a complex interplay between nature and life.

Prafulla Dahanukar’s captivating canvases are awash with hues of emotive insights. In her Lonavala studio, she works facing the beautiful brow of the hills.

The artist pulls her roller and hums Todi, as she communicates and gets in unison with nature. As she negotiates several levels of expressivity, she takes the viewers along to test the waters of infinity.

veteran prafullaPrafulla Dahanukar is among the senior-most Indian female artists. In her career spanning well over five decades, she has scaled many peaks of artistic achievements. Her first exhibition held in 1962 was a rendition of varied moods of music – the pictorial form of ‘Ragas’. Her mastery over forms and colors was well apparent.

Prafulla Dahanukar’s joined École des Beaux-Arts in Paris and learnt Lithographs. She alternated between stylized portraits and landscapes for the next couple of years. As she continued to paint, her landscapes became more and more abstract in nature. They soon turned into mere scapes with no recognizable land! The serene space had no beginning; it had no end. She started experiencing the freedom of form.

The colors vary in each of her work, eternally affected by the all pervasive space. These mindscapes are the hallmark of her prevailing mood. “The works are totally unplanned. The spontaneity is intense, and the feeling is paramount. Once a painting is over, I get detached from it. Until then there’s tremendous involvement, she quips.

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