An exclusive access to Frank Cohen Collection show

A glimpse of New Indian Art from the Frank Cohen Collection for Investartindia readers.

frank cohenThe Frank Cohen Collection presents ‘Passage to India Part II’ at Initial Access. Following the huge success of ‘Passage to India Part I’, which  showcased new Indian art from the Frank Cohen Collection in March 2008, ‘Passage to India Part II’ is being hosted at Initial Access.

On view till August 2009, it features a further selection of new, exciting and innovative painting and sculpture by today’s Indian art stars. Asia’s art scene has come to the fore in the past five years, driven by the continent’s rapid growth and emerging talent.

A curatorial note mentions: “Contemporary art from India is now undoubtedly the focus of more interest in the West than ever before, providing a platform for the most important sculptors and painters who have become a prominent force in the international contemporary art world.”

Artists who form part of the show are Murali Cheeroth, Subodh Gupta, Jitish Kallat, Reena Saini Kallat, T.V. Santhosh, Thukral and Tagra. These artists have come to the world’s attention for their provocative work which combines an understanding of the western canon of art but retains its cultural origins – a contemporary extension of the past that remains so vital to the themes and concepts in the work.

They have emerged as leading lights in the contemporary art scene. Subodh Gupta consciously plays on clichéd images of everyday life in India and is best known for his sculptures made from accumulations of everyday objects.

T.V. Santhosh’s subject matter deals with violence and injustice. His paintings area comment on inequality, famine, terrorism and war. Jitish Kallat’s work incorporates modern technology and popular essentials with profound subject matters and often autobiographical elements while Reena Saini Kallat’s work often brings the intimate imagery and objects associated with the human body into the expanse of the public and political arena.

Belonging to a new generation of young Indian artists, Thukral and Tagra reflect on and live in India. Working collectively, they choose to express themselves through a wide range of media, following a desire to create democratic art for the masses.

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